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Pushkar: “Two hundred and thirty four years, and now change!”

Posted by on 13 Nov, 2008 in India, People, Purl Interrupted, Travel | 1 comment

Purl Interrrupted

Writing from: Pushkar, where having the hump is par for the course.

A Pushkar newpaper seller celebrates Barack Obama’s election victory. He shakes M by the hand, after posing for a photo with his newspaper-displaying bicycle. “Two hundred and thirty four years,” he tells us excitedly, “and now change!”, before shaking M warmly by the hand and cycling off.



(M took the photo, so he gets all the credit. For the photo, not for the election victory…)

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  1. Bravenewmalden

    Yeah, I think Jim Davidson covered much the same ground in his inspired documentary ‘India: It Innalf a Laugh!’ on Channel 4 recently.

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