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Rishikesh: Himalaya-side Knitting

Posted by on 25 Oct, 2008 in India, Knitting, People, Purl Interrupted, Sights, Travel | 1 comment

Purl Interrrupted Writing from: the same Rishikesh internet cafe where I am now quite sure I have been bitten itches a lot  

It’s sort of chilly up here with the Himalayas peering down your neck, so it makes sense there should be knitted goodies all over the shop. I am most impressed by many-coloured two-toed socks which seem to have been fashioned for aliens.    So, for those who are yarn inclined, these two photos are for you:

Lovely Rita, knitting maid
Lovely Rita, knitting maid

These second and third photos were taken by M, as I stood in the background looking obviously impressed. Rishikesh is a holy site, being on the banks of the Ganges and chock-full of temples. Streams of pilgrims in rags or robes pass through the streets and along the roads endlessly it seems. This man was just outside the town on the main mountain road where only the hardcore walkers (and stupid Western tourists looking for the way to the waterfall) end up.

Knitting pilgrim
Knitting pilgrim
Knitting pilgrimage
Knitting pilgrimage

Anyone who thinks they are impressive having a knit on the tube has just been told.

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  1. Bitter Knitter

    Am not that coordinated. I can’t even text + walk.

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